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Hello! I love to know who is behind posts so I thought I would share a little about me.
My name is Amy Rodenberg. I was born and raised in Iowa. I moved across the Mississippi to Wisconsin when I graduated high school back in 1999. No need to do the math, I am 32 years old. 
I am currently working on getting on disability after having 2 back surgeries and a possible 3rd very soon. I am all about saving money. As you can imagine money is very tight at our house. I created this blog so I can share with others that enjoy the same things I do. This is my social outlet so please talk to me 🙂
I started using coupons a couple years ago when I had to quit my full time job. I must say, I love coupons. 
I pride myself on being a good person with a huge heart. I am all about helping others. I am an honest person. You won’t see links on my wall without a description. I won’t lie or trick you into clicking something and waste your time. I sign up for everything before I share it with you. 
I am with an amazing man, named Jeff. We are not married but we have been together for 13 years. So you may catch me calling him my husband. When everyone has equal rights to marriage I might consider it.  He supports everything I set out to do and encourages me. Jeff keeps me grounded. He has to snap me back into reality at times. If I could I would take in everybody and every animal I could. I would give them our last bit of food and money to help them out. He helps me keep my priorities strait. I couldn’t ask for a better man.
We have a daughter. Her name is Katrina and she just turned 10 not to long ago. She is our miracle baby, our one and only. I’m so thankful for her and love her with everything in me. 
We have 3 cats and a dog. I would gladly take in more if we had the room and could afford it. 
I hope you enjoyed learning about me and my family and I hope you all stop by All About My Deals to talk to me from time to time.  I get so excited when someone comments 🙂 
 picture of Jeff, Katrina and JakJak

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