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About At A Glance: sells high-quality products for school and office. Just a few of the products they offer are binders, planners, calendars, and notebooks. A couple of the brands I’m sure you are well aware of, those being Mead and Five Star. I was sent everything one would need for a great school or work binder.
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The first thing we would need is the binder. I received the Mead 2 inch zippered binder. It has a pocket on the front, which would be great for a student planner.It has a strap on the bind for easy carrying. On the front it also has a spot you can stick index cards, you lift that and you have a spot to put three pens. Which is nice because you can get to them quickly. When you open it you will find a pocket in the front and the back. The metal rings are strong and durable. I believe this binder will last a good while and will be able to tolerate repeated abuse at school. 


You will need some dividers and folders as well. This is called the Divider Note Pocket. I got a pack with three dividers. They are plastic so they will take some abuse. I love the tab at the top, it helps keep your papers in place. They have a pocket that closes as well. This would be great for Note Cards (index cards), receipts, business cards, etc. I have issues with papers sliding out from the side because that whole side is open. I stuck a paper clip on it and it fixed the problem.

Here is another divider and perfect for those that love to be organized. This is made by Wilson Jones. The first page is your table of contents. You can print your labels from your computer, instructions are included that will tell you what settings should be set on your printer. It even comes with a practice sheet so you can make sure you have it right before you use the good one. It has eight multi-colored tabs that correspond to the table of contents. This is unique as it has a pullout table of contents at the end. Picture below.

The pullout table of contents has a card board cover with a piece of paper on the inside that slides out to display your table of contents. ( I am saying table of contents a lot) The paper has a notch on it that you stick through the cardboard cover, that prevents the sheet from coming all the way out. I broke mine within’ two days. I really like this product but I would love it if that paper was cardboard and possibly laminate the part that sticks out because I can see it getting wrinkled and torn from the binder and just from everyday use. This is such a cool concept and hopes they step up the quality on the pullout table of contents. If they do that, I would have to say it would be perfect.


Next, we have some sheet protector covers. Once again they are great quality. They open from three sides, which makes the sheets more durable. The plastic is thicker than most sheet protectors. These are 8 1/2 by 11 inches.
You can’t forget the filler paper. I received some Five Star reinforced filler paper. I had no idea anything like this existed. The package says it is 20-pound paper and it’s 90% stronger than the competition. I believe it!! The paper feels thicker as well. I am loving this paper.
I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Mead Five Star notebooks. I have always preferred this brand over any other. They are made to withstand everyday school use. The plastic covers and thick card board backs help alot. I’ve always liked the built-in two-sided folders. I have to doodle on mine, I can’t resist.
I was sent some samples of dry erase stickers from At A Glance. That is what you see on the notebook above. I don’t know if they are sold in this size, I couldn’t find it, but I love them this size. I know they are sold in larger sizes. If they don’t sell them they should start. They work perfectly for notebooks and folders. Would also be great for your refrigerator or your desk at home. Oh, you could even place it on your dorr. You can leave your UPS delivery a message if you will be away. So many ideas’s for this little dry erase sticker. It peels off easy and you can stick it someplace else if you don’t like where it’s at.


No binder is complete without a collection bag for all your pencils, crayons, glue, scissors and so on. This Stand N Store pencil pouch works great. It’s made from micromesh, which prevents punctures. This pouch can hold a lot of stuff. It even has a pocket that velcro’s shut. you can’t really see it with the picture I took, but it’s in the black in the picture to the right. When it is zipped up the pocket would be on the inside of the pencil pouch. This would be great for the money! You can take the pouch out of the binder and set it on your desk and it stands up. You just fold down the sides (the top blue part). Very cool and unique.
I was also sent this combo pack of Swingline staplers. I really like the desk stapler and use it often. I love that it has a storage spot on the bottom for staples. The package said it can staple through 2-15 pages, so I tested it out. It can actually staple 20 pages with no problems. The mini one they call the TOT Grip stapler can go through 10 pages easily. They both have a built-in staple remover and they both work great. They both use the standard staples. The TOT Stapler can lay flat or upright. I love how it fits in your hand.
As I reviewed each item, I was amazed at the quality of each product. I was a little shocked when I got to the Table of Contents dividers and found a flaw. I can tell that thought and testing was done on these products, they like to stay ahead and go above and beyond on their products.
If you want some nice quality school or office goods, I encourage you to check out At A Glance.
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