Be One Breed large cloud pillow Pet Bed Review

I’m pleased to share with you my experience with this large memory foam pet bed by Be One Breed. Continue reading to find out more. 🙂

Special features
• 100% memory foam filling • Ultra soft removable cover
• Reduces pressure on hips & joints • Prevents back pains & aches
• Easy to clean & maintain

Disclosure: All About My Deals was given the following products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are hers alone and based fully on her personal experience with the products.

My Review of Be One Breeds Large Cloud Pillow Pet Bed

This Cloud Pillow Pet Bed is HUGE! It’s plenty big for my German Shepherd/Collie mixed dog. We just got new furniture and enacted a “No Pets” rule. So it was nice to get this for our dog. When it arrived we took it out of the box and wrapper and set it on our living room floor. He grabbed a toy and went to lay on it within seconds. It takes some time for the memory foam to fully enlarge. Ours stopped growing on the third day. It took a good 48+ hours. I just read on the website that if you fluff it up some it speeds it up.

I love this wood pattern. It hides animal hair really well. The cover is so soft! I want a pillowcase just like it. I think that Be One Breed should check into that 🙂 The cover is removable and machine washable. The washing instructions on the website say to use a machine with no center pole, so a top loading washer wouldn’t be recommended.

My dog is a heavy boy, he weighs over 60 pounds. I love that the memory foam is so thick. It forms around him while he rests and it isn’t hard on his body or joints. My dog is my shadow so I move his bed around all over the house. It is really big and heavy! I think I may need at least two more of these, one for my office and bedroom. I like that it’s heavy, it stays put.

Cloud pillow measurements
Cloud Pillow Measurements

JakJak Really likes his Cloud Pillow Pet Bed. He and I would recommend it to other pet owners, especially those with heavier dogs or dogs that have joint pain.

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  1. Could not see my comment post so i will write one again. I love the sizes it comes in and the fabric they use it cute. I like memory foam to help support there weight.

  2. I like the sizes this comes in since we have 3 different size pups. The fabric is so cute too & the memory foam will help give support while they sleep

  3. I really love the pattern on yours and that the cover is removable and machine washable. I’ve thrown out too many doggie and cat beds because they looked yucky and hairy. I’m really liking these and i bet my girls would too!

  4. I have a mini dachshund that loves all of his, mine and others pillows! This Be One Breed cloud pillow will be amazing for my Scooter. I am impressed withe the ease of maintenance.

  5. I love that this is so soft and comfy with memory foam. I also like how easy this is to clean. I would love one of these for our dog

  6. This bed is exactly what my large dog needs. She digs at all beds we have boughten her in an attempt to fluff it up and make it more comfy.

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