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Captain Gill’s Look in Sea Magnifying Lens Review

Brian Wilson is the owner of Wilson International and inventor of Captain Gill’s Look In Sea™ lens, a new fun and exciting way of watching and interacting with your pet fish, that’s not going to break your bank.

Captain Gill’s Look In Sea® provides a close-up glimpse of your fish that you’ve never had before. Enjoy their movements, their colors, and the graceful way they glide through the water with our high-quality magnification lens.


Disclosure: I was given the following products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are mine alone and based fully on my personal experience with the products.

Captain Gill’s Look in Sea Magnification Lens Review

My family and I care about our fish and we want them to be in the best possible shape. We do that by feeding them all the nutrients and giving them all the lighting they require. keeping the water clean, cycled, and heated is very important as well. Depending on the fish that you keep, this job can be quiet the weekly chore. If you do all of these things successfully you can entice your fish to mate. This is a fun use of Captain Gill’s Look in Sea looking lens. The first day of putting the lens on our tank, one of our Cichlids spit it’s babies out, we didn’t even notice it was holding fry. It was fun watching them all huddle together. Unfortunately, we got a close-up view of them getting eaten too.

Captain Gill’s magnification lens allows you to look closely at your fish, which makes it easier to notice ick and other parasites. You can easily inspect your fish for injuries or simply just look at them.


The fish were skittish for the first half hour of it being on the tank. Now they act like it isn’t even there.  It’s fun to watch them, sometimes they will come right up to the lens and watch you. Maybe in hopes, I’m there to feed them.

The looking lens stays firmly in place with a little tongue spit to the suction cup. The spit is the trick! After putting it on my tank and it falling off a couple times I figured that out, so you’re welcome 🙂 Neither the glass or the plastic chipped or broke with impact,  it’s good quality and designed well.

Captain Gill’s Look in Sea looking lens looks attractive and is a fitting design for aquariums of any size.

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  1. This looks great and makes me want to start up an aquarium again..It has been years since I had one.

  2. My son has two very large salt water fish tanks. He would love this. He spends so much time taking care of these tanks and the fish. Thank you so much for sharing this

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