Kids Gear Head Phones Product Review

I am doing a review on Kidz Gear headphones. They are for ages 2 and up.  You can choose from purple, pink, green, orange or blue. You can also purchase a 3.5 mm splitter cable. If you don’t know what that does, it makes it to where you can hook up 2 headphones to one computer, stereo, mp3 player, and […]

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Dali Decals Product Review

Dali Decals has a huge selection of decals to choose from. They also offer printed canvases and wall murals. They can take one of your photos and create a decal and make it look amazing! I’ve never used a wall decal before. I always thought of them kind of being like a cling that sticks to walls. I thought they […]

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Goat Milk Stuff Soap & Lip Balm Review

  Hello, Friends. I recently contacted Goat Milk Stuff and asked if they would be interested in a review/giveaway. The family was more than happy to participate. I was so excited when they got back to me. I really wanted to try out the soap they make from goats milk. I’ve never heard of soap is made from goats milk […]

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