Catty Stacks Play House Product Review

This Playhouse is a very clever idea. What cat doesn’t love playing in boxes?? My three kitties love boxes more than anything else, so I was really excited when my Catty Stacks arrived. I had to put them together right away. They are really easy to fold, put together and clip to the other boxes. Click HERE to watch a video of a box being put together. The cardboard is thick and strong. You can even make the holes larger, which is really nice.  I have a larger cat that wouldn’t be able to squeeze himself into the smaller holes. I reused the circles I snapped off to make to holes larger. I used double sided tape and stuck them around another hole to decorate my cat’s boxes.You can stack them however you like.

At first, my cats would only go in the bottom three boxes. I put some toys on and in the boxes and made a couple beds, they are starting to get more adventurous. All 6 sides have a cutout. Which makes for hours of fun for your cats. It is so fun watching them when they get playful with it. My kitties love it because they can get away from the dog. They go in the Catty Stack boxes all the time to bathe themselves.
These boxes are also Eco-Friendly!!



The Catty Stacks come with clips so you can clip the boxes together for stability. They work great! You can also purchase tunnels to add more fun to your cat house. I am going to get creative with my boxes and decorate them with my daughter. They have a nice variety of colors available to choose from. Head on over and check them out. They get 2 thumbs up from me and if my kitties had thumbs I’m sure they would give two thumbs up.
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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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