Dali Decals Product Review

Dali Decals has a huge selection of decals to choose from. They also offer printed canvases and wall murals. They can take one of your photos and create a decal and make it look amazing!
I’ve never used a wall decal before. I always thought of them kind of being like a cling that sticks to walls. I thought they would come loose and fall off. That is not the case!!

I placed my order and received it 4 days later by UPS. It was packed perfectly, no possible way for them to get damaged. A++ on packaging. I almost missed the Warning on the box- be sure you read it when you get yours. You will get a really good laugh! I’m still laughing… When I opened my package I took out my decals and sticker samples, instructions, squeegee, and order statement. They also threw in a sample decal. I didn’t want to mess up so I sat down and read the instructions and did exactly what they told me to do. Ok, I didn’t use a level. I was too impatient and couldn’t find it. But everything else I did as was instructed. It was so simple and easy. The words came off perfectly. I was so proud of myself. lol.. I can tell Dali Decals are a high-quality decal. Here this picture is a close-up. It looks like it was painted onto my wall. Seriously you would have to look real close to see that it’s a decal. I am very pleased with it. Honestly, the hardest part of putting up a wall decal is deciding where you want to put it.

I had a brilliant idea when it came to my sample decal. I grabbed a picture frame and stuck the decal to the glass. Now I can use it every year. I wanted to review a decal on the glass after reading the instructions. As you can see I didn’t do a perfect job, I have a couple air bubbles. Good thing they sent a sample decal. Make sure you start at a corner and squeegee it to the opposite corner little by little to avoid air pockets like I have here. It stuck to the glass perfectly. They work great on glass.

I also ordered a couple sample sheets of mosaic stickers. I had a plan for these. I cut them into individual squares and placed them on my daughter’s laptop. I know cool idea right? She loves it! The stickers stuck awesome. They are easy to pull off and reapply if you misplace them and they will stick back on and stay perfect.
I had a lot of fun with my decals and got creative. You can do so many different things with them. You can put them on windows, mirrors, walls, computers. You can put them on anything! Head over to Dali Decals for all your decal needs. You won’t be disappointed!
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WARNING: Package contains highly addictive wall decals known to cause Dali Decals Obsession Disorder (DDOD). Side effects may include excessively staring at walls, and uncontrollable desire to touch walls, dry eyes from the inability to blink, and an urge to build unnecessary walls throughout your home to apply more decals. If you experience any of these symptoms, please call our toll-free help line at 1- 877-769-Dali. Your personal DDOD coach is waiting for your call. We’re here to help! 😉
Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.


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