DOCO Dog Leash and Collar Review

Snippet from DOCO’s website:

Our mission is to provide the quality lifestyle products for your best buddies. And also to share our journey to design and manufacture durable, effective, stylish and comfortable dog leash, collar, apparels, eco-friendly accessories and all around fun stuff for your pet.

Our mix of comfortable and casual living attitude come together to create a sophisticated product line that every dog can enjoy. We do our best to manufacture and cater to all sizes and all breeds.

DOCO® products are built and designed to last.

Disclosure: All About My Deals was given the following products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are hers alone and based fully on her personal experience with the products. This post may contain affiliate links.

DOCO® Athletica Low Strain Mesh Collar Reflective

Special Features

  • Hi-Density quality air mesh fabric
  • Breathable and SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT 
  • Dual Layered mesh for higher tensile strength
  • Reflective piping thread stitch throughout the collar for the nighttime safety
  • Heavy duty O-Ring for leash and ID tag and extra durability
  • Durable plastic buckle
  • Tri-glide for easy size adjustment

I was never a fan of plastic clasps like this. Although after receiving some products from DOCO, they have changed my outlook. The clasps that they use are strong and stiff. They can not be easily unclasped or broken. It’s sewn and reinforced in places that need to be strengthened. That is very important for larger dogs. This collar is lightweight and easy to adjust to get the perfect fit. The O-Ring is welded shut, it’s huge and thick. No breaking that, ever! This collar is so easy and quick to put on and take off. My dog has really long fur and it gets tangled and it gets matted easily, by being able to quickly snap on this collar before going outside helps so much with that. This collar is designed really well. 



I have an embarrassing confession to share with you about my first time using this dog leash. 😀

So, when I looked at this leash I was in awe and thought what a genius idea. Doco made a collar that is attached to the leash. All have to do is grab the leash/collar, snap it on and we can head outside. I couldn’t wait to put it on my dog in the morning.

The second thing I do every morning is take my dog outside. So not fully awake yet, I snapped the collar part of this leash onto Jak and just stared at it for a good two minutes, confused. It doesn’t have a handle!!!! I was soo confused, I was about to message Victoria (Doco owner and creator) to ask her how to use this leash/collar. LOL

Instead, I went to the website to learn the purpose and proper way to use it. It turns out that it’s not a leash/collar, it’s just a leash. When you use it properly It’s still a genius product. You clip the leash onto your pet’s collar and if you need to run into the store quickly, you can hook the collar end around a pole or tree. You can adjust it too! So you can make the leash longer or shorter, whichever the situation calls for. Clever, right? I think so. DOCO makes several different types of leashes with this design.



Special Features

  • 100% high-quality nylon with 2mm Reflective Stitching
  • Bungee Cord gives freedom to pet and releases the pulling stress from your hands and shoulder
  • Easy Snap function for temporarily tether, hands-free jogging leash
  • Snap Hook has click and lock function to secure the dog
  • Heavy duty stitching for long-lasting quality
  • Neoprene padded handle for comfort handling
  • Higher tensile strength than polyester
  • Nylon is resistant to mildew, ageing and abrasion
  • 360° Heavy duty zinc alloy swivel hook that prevents tangles
  • Snap Hook has click and lock function to secure the dog
  • Quick & easy release plastic buckle for easy snap function
  • Vibrant colors are easy to see

This shock absorbing leash extends to 6 feet. By gently correcting your dog’s jerks, VARIO Bungee leash does your shoulders, arms and your neck a favor by absorbing shock. This comes in handy when I take my dog for a walk because if he sees a squirrel all manners and rules don’t apply anymore. He NEEDS to get to that squirrel or rabbit and pulls and jerks so hard. With this leash, it doesn’t jerk near as hard now. I don’t feel like my shoulder is going to snap out of place when I use this dog leash. It’s a tight bungee, so it takes some “Go” to have a big impact.

This leash would be great for someone that jogs. You can snap the collar looking part around your upper arm and go.  You don’t have to hold onto the leash. It’s really easy to adjust. If you need to do some stretching just hook it around a bench or tree and it will keep your dog in place while freeing up your hands and body. 


DOCO® 22” Shock Absorbing BUNGEE Leash


They also make shorter versions of the previous dog leash. This would be great for the dogs that are not good on a leash. It will keep your dog close.

It says that this BUNGEE core offers tensile force of 480lb (280kgs) pulling power.  So this leash would be great for larger breeds as well.




DOCO makes outstanding innovative dog leashes and collars. They are functional and durable. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. The leashes and collars look great and I can imagine they feel great to the dogs as well. On top of all of that, they are very affordable!! It’s hard to find good quality pet products these days that don’t cost a small fortune. Go grab yourself a dog leash today, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Such a unique product! I have defiant, strong bulldogs, so I’m curious about this. Like you, I had some reservations about the plastic clasps, but am glad to read these are sturdy! Looks like it could be a great use and a quality product.

  2. The shock absorbing bungee leash looks like it would be a great option for my strong puller who is very hard to walk right now.

  3. (DOCO Dog Leash and Collar Review) These dog leashes and collars sound like they are a very good quality and I like that they come in so many great bright colors too.

  4. I’m really liking these collars and especially the leashes. These would be great for our camping trips and i like a wide collar for my dogs.

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