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Disclosure All About My Deals was given the following products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are hers alone and based fully on her personal experience with the products.


Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher


  • Easy throwing motion – just flick it!
  • Slobber free pick-up
  • Fast action, rolls and hops
  • One size for all dogs

This toy launcher is well made. It fits in the hand nicely, making it easy to fling the wheel. The ring can withstand lot’s of abuse not only from the ground but the dog’s chompers as well.

The launcher seriously launches the toy, it gives it some serious speed. Be careful not to aim it at your pet.

My Five-year-old Australian Shepherd/Collie mix loves to chase after it. I need to trainĀ him to bring it back. He only partakes in the retrieve part of the game. That’s ok! We both get some good exercise this way. šŸ™‚ When we’re not playing with the launcher he just plays with the ring.

This may be a simple thing, but I like that the launcher has a cut outĀ for hanging. We hang it by our keys so we never forget to take it to the dog park. Great design – Great dog toy!

JW RoboBone Electronic Treat Dispenser


  • Motorized interactive treat toy
  • Pre-programmed to chase and run from pet
  • Works on all indoor surfaces
  • Durable non-toxic housing
  • Runs on four AAA batteries


The JWĀ® RoboBoneā„¢ is the ultimate motorized dog chase toy! Stuff the wheels full of your dog’s favorite treat, kibble or snack, turn on the toy and watch it randomly travel, distributing treats along the way. Your dog will soon learn to follow the RoboBone’s in pursuit of snack treats or kibble and watch it go. RoboBone’s intelligent design allows it to move freely without getting stopped or stuck. RoboBone is pre-programmed to chase and run from your pet for three minutes and then go into sleep mode until your pet wakes it up with a nudge. Once it wakes, it will resume a new two-minute randomized motion cycle to distribute more treats. Designed to work on all indoor floor surfaces including carpet, tile, and wood. Made from durable non-toxic plastic materials that securely house the electronics in the toy. RoboBone uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) and is recommended for dogs up to 50 pounds. The RoboBone can be kept clean by wiping the surface with a clean, damp cloth and allow to air dry completely before your next play session. As with all dog toys, we the recommend supervised use of this toy.

The RoboBone is a fun way to feed yourĀ dog. You stick kibble inside both ends of the toy. Turn the switch on and watch your dog chase it eating up the food as it tumbles and flies out.

It would be great with dogs that eat too fast or maybe even need a little more exercise. It makes the dog work a little harder for it.

You can use treats as well. Me personally I use dog food, as I don’t want to feed my dog too many treats in a day. My dog is a chicken-dog. He is skittish of new things especially things that make noise and move. It took him a couple hours to get the hang of it. Now when I fill it up he knows what to expect and what to do to get that food.

I don’t have to worry about this treat dispenser hurting my floors. The RoboBone is a solid design. I have a feeling this will be around for a good while.



Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher

JW RoboBone Electronic Treat Dispenser

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