Drive Dog Car Seat Cover Review


  • Non-slip seat backing
  • Ezy to fit (Adjustable Head Rest Straps & Push Tabs for where Seats Join)
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Durable quilted ripstop nylon
  • Super comfortable
  • Hard wearing

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We got a lot of rain here in Southwest Wisconsin the last couple weeks and my dog goes everywhere with me. I’ve tried putting blankets on the seat to protect them, but they always end up on the floor. Cleaning the car seats and windows are an annoying weekly chore. So, as you can imagine I was more than excited for the opportunity to try out this Seat Cover from EZYDOG.

My Review of Drive Dog Car Seat Cover

I installed the Drive Dog Car Seat Cover in my Chevy Impala LTZ. Installation was pretty self-explanatory and easy to install. The measurements are in the image above. The fitting was almost perfect for me, but my car doesn’t have the headrests that you can raise and lower, so my headrests were too big. Everything else fit great.

The seat cover has a non-slip backing for the seat, which helps keep it in place and prevents your dog from slipping and sliding all over the place. It’s also made of ripstop nylon. 

When the seatbelts are not in use you can zip the opening shut.  This seat cover not only protects your seats from dirty paws and fur but also doggy slobber.  The EZYDOG Drive Dog Car Seat Cover looks nice and it’s designed really well. You can tell it was designed by someone that owns dogs.

It’s just as easy to uninstall then it is to install. The seat cover has a built-in pocket on the back of the cover, that you can fold the cover itself into for storage.

 Great design and amazing quality.  I am very pleased and would recommend this to others that travel with pets. 

Where to Buy

Purchase from Amazon for $65 (free shipping)

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  1. I love this! I have two bullies and they really dirty my car up something awful (we get a lot of rain here too and my bullies love mud). This would be a great solution.

  2. This would work well in my car. I have a small chihuahua/min pin mix and she sheds a lot. My wife and I are routinely having to vacuum.

  3. Our dog loves to go in the car. This would be great. I have cloth seats and she can really get them dirty. I love how easy these are to install. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. (Drive Dog Car Seat Cover Review) This great seat car cover sounds like a good thing for my son and daughter-in-law to have in their cars. They have a border collie named Mia who likes to leave her hair behind.

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