Eat Smart Kitchen digital scale Product Review

The Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale from Eat Smart is super easy to use.  You can measure in grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms. It has an awesome tare feature. With the tare function, you just set a dish on the scale and press the tare button. It will subtract the weight of the dish and you pour whatever it is you are measuring on or in the dish and it tells you how much it weighs. I love that feature and use it all the time. I made a short video showing how easy and simple it is to use the Precision Pro Kitchen Scale.


The scale comes in 4 colors: white, black, silver and maroon. It measures up to 11 pounds/ 5 kilograms.  The scale only has two buttons so it is super easy to operate. If you forget to shut it off it will do it on its own in 3 minutes. It has a digital readout which tells you exactly how much things weigh. I’ve tested this scale over and over again, every time it tells me the same thing.
I am really liking my Precision Pro Kitchen Scale from Eat Smart and think you will too. You can click HERE to order yours.
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