Flex Belt Product Review & Giveaway

I was so excited to do a review on The Flex BeltThe Flex Belt is an abdominal muscle strengthening and toning device. This belt has been proven to strengthen, tone and firm your abdominal muscles in just weeks. 

What does the Flex Belt do? 

It contracts your abdominal and oblique muscles giving your core an intense workout. 

How does the Flex Belt work? 

It has three electrodes on the belt, you put medical-grade Gel Pads on top of those electrodes and put the belt on. The Gel Pads cover your central abdominals and external obliques. Once you turn on the belt it sends signals to your nerves, which makes them contract. It makes your obliques and abdominal muscles contract. The Flex Belt firms, tones and strengthens your core muscles.

What will it feel like once I turn it on?

You will feel a slight pulsing sensation. Your muscles will tense/ flex for a couple seconds and gently relax in a smooth transition in every contraction. The Flex Belt is painless. I was nervous trying this for the very first time. It actually tickled me the first couple times using it. Nothing to be scared of!

How and when should I use the Flex Belt?

You can use the Flex Belt whenever and wherever you want. It is recommended you use the belt for 30 minutes every day for the first 4-8 weeks and then you can use it 2-3 times a week to maintain your results. Just strap it on over your lower abs while you are doing dishes, reading a book, cooking, etc. If you wear the belt for 30 minutes you will get around 150 contractions. How cool is that? You don’t even have to do anything, the belt does it for you…. 

Why would I want to use the Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt flexes your core muscles for you. You won’t have to work out those hard to get core muscles on the floor while using this belt. In my opinion, the core muscles are the toughest muscles to strengthen and tone. You have to be in the perfect posture and it can be painful doing reps. With the Flex Belt, you can set the power setting to the intensity you want. It has 150 power levels to choose from. I start out each session around 75 and the last 15 minutes I turn it up to 100. To see results quicker I would recommend wearing the Flex Belt during your regular workouts. If you go for a walk every day, just slip your belt on and head out. 

Pricing information:
The Flex Belt: $199.99 – you can get additional belts for 25% off.
With this code:_________ You can get 10% off your first Flex Belt. This deal will expire on ____.
With your order you will also receive:
  • 30 Days Access to Our Patent Pending Online Meal Planning Technology (retail value is $50)
  •  free annual magazine subscription offers include Fitness, Elle or Maxim Magazine (retail value is $50)

Replacement Gel Pads:
 1 set – $14.99
2 sets – $27.99 ($2 savings)
3 sets – $38.99 ( $6 savings)
4 sets – $47.99 ( $12 savings)

I am loving my Flex Belt and would recommend it to anyone that is wanting to work their core muscles. This belt really does work your core muscles. If you are consistent and wear this belt for 30 minutes every day and eat healthily you WILL see results. 

Warning: This belt should not be used by those that are diabetic and use insulin, those with heart problems or a pacemaker, or cancer. If you just had a baby you should wait 6 weeks before using this belt, if you had a C-Section you should wait 3 months in order for your scar tissues to heal completely. 

Here is an awesome video that is very informational.
More videos can be found HERE

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The wonderful people at Flex Belt have agreed to supply ONE of you with a Flex Belt of your own for FREE. They have generously donated one belt. Be sure to stop by and thank them and put your entries in below.

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