Goat Milk Stuff Soap & Lip Balm Review

Hello, Friends. I recently contacted Goat Milk Stuff and asked if they would be interested in a review/giveaway. The family was more than happy to participate. I was so excited when they got back to me. I really wanted to try out the soap they make from goats milk.

I’ve never heard of soap is made from goats milk before and was excited when it arrived 4 days after placing my order. Shipping was really quick! When you place your order you can choose up to 3 samples of soap to try. I chose pomegranate lemonade, honeysuckle, and tea tree. I grabbed my honeysuckle sample as soon as I was done snapping photo’s and went to take a shower. It left my skin feeling clean and smooth. The soap doesn’t suds much so I felt like I had to use more than what was needed. I really smelled honey suckle when I was done 🙂

Goat Milk Stuff’s website is easy to navigate and find what you want. The ordering process is simple. PRICES ARE AMAZING! Everything is handmade. I was really surprised at the cost of things, I would think it would cost much more for such unique products. A full bar of soap runs between $5-$6 a half bar runs from $3.20-$3.75 each. They also offer bath bombs, laundry soap, sugar scrubs, lip balms, lotion, shaving stuff, soy candles and clefs. The lip balms are $3 each and you can choose from Black Cherry, Honey, Lime, Peppermint, Vanilla or unscented. I chose Vanilla. The lip balms condition your lips for hours. I applied it a few hours ago and my lips are still really moisturized, smooth and soft feeling. I love the lip balm. It’s soft and you don’t need much at all. It’s worth the $3.00, it really is!
Goat Milk Stuff doesn’t add chemical preservatives, all products are natural and good for your skin.

Now for the soaps….

Mine came in a drawstring bag labeled with the scent. My full bar (top bar) is Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. Out of all the bars, I received my daughter and I love this scent the most. I can’t stop smelling it. This is also available in a sugar scrub, they put rolled oats in it. I really wish you could smell these soaps. It smells and looks yummy! I like it so much I made shavings out of  1/3 of the bar and put them into two of the bags the soap came in. I hung one in my car and have gotten so many compliments on how my car smells. People probably thought my passengers were weird because their noses would be stuck to a bag hanging from my mirror. LOL! I stuck the other bag in my pillow. 🙂
I got Patchouli essential oils in a half bar for my boyfriend. I was really crossing my fingers on this one. It’s hard to find real patchouli smelling stuff and ordering online was taking a chance. I was excited when I got it and smelled it. It truly smells pure patchouli. It passed my boyfriends sniffing test. He is very pleased with it. He doesn’t want to use it. He uses his bar in front of the heater and uses it as an air freshener. He loves it! 
I love citrus smelling soaps so I ordered the Cool Citrus Basil in a half bar also. It’s a real clean fresh scent. I really like it. Not much I can say about this one. It’s a really nice clean scent.
Out of all the scents I received, I would have to pick the Honey Suckle and Cool Citrus Basil that I liked the most in the shower. The scent stays on you and smells nice.
Head on over to Goat Milk Stuff and browse around, check out all they offer. I’m serious the products are well worth the price and you won’t be disappointed when you get them.  Plus, you will be supporting a family run business 🙂
Thank you for reading and hope I was able to help.
 Click HERE to go to Goats milk stuff! Order for yourself or order as a gift for someone or both 🙂 

Have a great day!


Disclosure: The opinions are my own and was not paid for this review.

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