Graduation parties

Dear Readers,

It’s been a busy week full of graduation celebrations. Only one more to go! We are going to have a little get together for my daughter Katrina, to celebrate her 8th-grade graduation.Where I went to school we never had an 8th-grade graduation.  I don’t know if people celebrate it or not, but hey, why not? It gives us a reason to bring the family together.  We are going to keep it low key and just invite a few people over for cake after the ceremony. Did any of you throw an 8th-grade graduation party? I know a lot of people think that only 12th grade should be celebrated.

Jeff and I are going to start working on some, ” As seen on TV” video reviews. I’m incredibly shy so I think I’ll just be the camera holder 😉 He is very loud and outspoken. Be warned they will have some foul language. This is what he wants to bring to the page. He wants to do honest video reviews.

Have a great week and stay safe,




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