Hallmark Get Carded Challenge- Day 4

I am participating in the Hallmark Get Carded Challenge. I have to send a card to someone everyday this week.

My daughter turns 11 this month, so she needs a card this month also. I chose this one from the package of cards Hallmark sent me to give to her. It has 4 fun little sticker clings in it that she can place on her phone, notebooks, or whatever she wishes to stick them on. I love the bright colorful card. They should make more colorful envelopes. This card would have been great with a bright pink envelope. My daughter is going to make fun of me for actually mailing her a card. lol :p

Will you join me in the Seven Day Get Carded Challenge? To read more about this challenge and to find out how you can win an assortment of 10 Hallmark cards and stamps click HERE.

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