Hallmark Get Carded Challenge- Day 7

I am participating in the Hallmark Get Carded Challenge. I have to send a card to someone everyday this week.

I am sending this card to another one of my sisters. Yes I have a large family! The card plays music and it’s country. She doesn’t really like country much, so I am going to torture her while she reads my card. Hehehe. Love Is Fun!!! I can’t wait to hear what her reaction was to receiving this card. She will probably make fun of me for sending a card, because we only live 15 minutes apart. But it’s fun getting a card in the mail. Don’t you agree?

I made it. I completed my Get Carded Challenge!! I mailed a card everyday this week. This card is in the mailbox right now and will be picked up Monday, with it being Sunday and all. This challenge was fun. I was able to bring smiles to seven people’s faces. That makes me happy!! I love the Hallmark Brand. Tthe cards are great quality. The envelopes are nice. A couple of my white envelopes were super thin, you could see through them easily. That is the only thing I didn’t like. Hallmark is known for creativity and great quality. Make sure the envelopes stand up as well.

Will you join me in the Seven Day Get Carded Challenge? To read more about this challenge and to find out how you can win an assortment of 10 Hallmark cards and stamps click HERE.

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