Hikari fish food Product Review

A snippet from Hikari website: The quality of Hikari® diets is a direct result of the many activities undertaken to understand fish, their eating habits and their dietary requirements. It all starts with exploration to study the actual habitats of tropical fish. This invaluable experience compliments intensive research by our Hikari Aquatic Laboratory staff. Additionally, our world-renowned Yamasaki Koi Farm, tropical fish breeding facility, marine fish breeding facility and crustacean breeding facility allows us to use our diets first hand, ever noting the growth and coloration characteristics each one offers. We are also the largest shipper of live tropical and marine fish in all of Japan. So, as you can see, we are not producing diets for the sake of selling merchandise, but rather make the health and longevity of the fish and the health of the aquatic environment they live in our first priority. Focusing on bringing about success to the hobbyist through exacting nutrition has allowed us to develop a brand name synonymous with superior quality!

Disclosure: All About My Deals was given the following products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are hers alone and based fully on her personal experience with the products.


My Review of Hikari Fish Food

I feel comfortable feeding my fish Hikari food. Hikari has an outstanding reputation in the fish hobbyist community. It’s easy to understand why. They put a lot of actual physical work and research into everything they make.

We’ve been feeding our fish Hikari products for over a year. Everytime that someone comes over and looks at our tanks they’re amazed at how big and colorful the fish are. Our fish are well cared for, Jeff is always doing water changes and cleaning out filters. They get treats regularly and fed nutritious fish food twice daily.

Hikari came out with a new product that we were excited to try on our fish, it’s called VibraBites. The fish food is a bright red tiny worm-like stick that offers color enhancing capacity as well as nutrition. I love how real the VibraBites look in the water. They float down and wiggle through the tank slowly. My fish don’t allow them to reach the bottom. They devour them, they just love it.


Another one that my fish love is the freeze-dried Brine Shrimp. I stick 2 of these into my 125-gallon tank a couple times a week for a nice protein-rich snack for my fish. My 125-gallon tank houses 30 African Cichlids from Lake Malawi. As soon as the ball hits the water they smell it and are on it. Once the first fish bites into it hundreds of little shrimp are everywhere in the tank. It’s so cool to watch! This is my favorite part of keeping fish, feeding them. We will be buying more of the freeze-dried Brine Shrimp for sure!!


For an everyday nutritious fish food for cichlids, I would recommend Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel and Cichlid Bio-Gold. If your fish like eating at the top of the water, check out the Bio-Gold. They come in mini and medium floating pellets great for Carnivorous cichlids and larger tropical fish that contain a probiotic. The Cichlid Excel fish food comes in the same sized pellets and a sinking version also. They contain vegetable matter which is great for herbivorous fish.

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  1. This sounds like a very healthy food to feed fish, it seems like your fish are enjoying it , look at the size of them.

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