Jewelry review: Nice Quality Necklaces from Piccadilly Pendants

Disclaimer: I received a few pieces of jewelry for free in hopes I would mention them on social media. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review.

Piccadilly Pendants was founded in 2016 by Beth, who is Inspired by design and a love for antiques and vintage wear. She hunts down unique vintage images to create her jewelry. What I received was just a small sample of what she has to offer, she has a great collection to suit nearly everyone’s fashion needs.

Aromatherapy Lockets

The stainless steel aromatherapy locket comes with a 24″ dot and dash chain. You simply open it to add a couple drops of essential oil. I am not a morning person so I go more towards the awakening/morning scents. I really like the combination of Basil and grapefruit essential oils. Throughout the day I find myself cupping my necklace and taking deep breathes breathing it in deep. It really does rejuvenate you. This necklace would be great for anyone. I could even see guys wearing this. It’s got a good weight to it. You can order it in silver, gold, silver-gold tree, silver-rose tree or gun-rose tree. I really enjoy wearing this necklace.

Apothecary Necklaces

The Apothecary necklaces are made from European soap and perfume labels from the 1930’s.  It’s got a 1″ round pendant and comes with a 24″ vintage style re-sizable chain.

It’s a solid and substantial pendant. The necklace has a thick curved glass that covers the picture. The necklaces are really good quality. LOT’S to choose from! You can pick from antiqued bronze or antiqued silver. The chains match the plate so good, perfect choice of a chain in my opinion. It gives it more of that vintage look.

Molecule Necklaces Jewelry

Piccadilly Pendants offers a nice selection of molecule necklaces a few of them being chocolate, whiskey, wine, and THC. The pendants come with an 18″ chain in either silver or gold plated. They are nickel and lead-free and have a tarnish resistant coating. I love how Beth attaches the chain to the pendant. (see the picture)

I think the molecule necklaces are a unique gift idea. The molecules are lightweight and thin. So thin that you would think it would be easy to snap or bend. I’m not a fan of the chain but for the price, you can’t beat it. The chain is really thin, tangles easy, and easy to break.


I am really impressed by the Apothecary necklaces. Once you find a design you like, I highly recommend ordering it. Go ahead and order a few because it’s definitely worth it. They are affordable and will make excellent gifts.

Beth does offer a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your jewelry, just shoot her an email and send it back to her. Furthermore, she donates 10% of her sales to non-profit charities.

You can browse and order from Piccadilly Pendants Etsy Shop

You can use coupon code: friendsandfamily for 20% OFF. 

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  1. This is a really impressive line of products! I love the concern for quality, and the attention of detail. LIke you mentioned, the way that the Molecule Pendant are attached to the chain is really fantastic. Great shop; thanks for featuring it!

  2. I have one of the Tree of Life Pendants and love it. I use patcholi, lavender, jasmine and rose essential oils. Whatever my mood or emotion I can change it to the appropriate scent. Few drops in and it lasts all day. Safer than perfume and not over powering.

  3. the necklaces are all really nice and neet and i have seen a lot of diffent ones that are like this that i like but it would be really heard for me to pick just one since there all so nice and diffent.

  4. Wow, I love these necklaces, especially the Aromatherapy Trees. I Love Peppermint to help me with pain and headaches AND I just love the scent, blended with Lavender, it is very calming. What a gorgeous way to carry My Scents around all day long!!

  5. I’ve admired those necklaces from a,far but I’ve always wondered if others could smell them or be annoyed by it. They all look pretty though and I do have some oils that help my migraines

  6. These Necklaces are gorgeous! I know a certain someone who might just be getting one for Christmas!! Thanks for sharing this, great review!

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