Kids Gear Head Phones Product Review

I am doing a review on Kidz Gear headphones. They are for ages 2 and up.  You can choose from purple, pink, green, orange or blue.
You can also purchase a 3.5 mm splitter cable. If you don’t know what that does, it makes it to where you can hook up 2 headphones to one computer, stereo, mp3 player, and so on. Right now Kidz Gear has a deal up: If you buy 2 headphones they will mail a splitter with your order for free.
You can also purchase a carry bag. It’s a really soft felt on the inside and the outside is a nylon, like on some sleeping bags. It has a drawstring closure, makes it easy for kids. Kids can keep their headphones, mp3 player and batteries altogether. Great for car rides. Would be great for kids that have to bring headphones to school too.
Ok back to the headphones. It has this volume control on the cord. It says on the box that it has a max of 80-90 decibels. I don’t understand that. Because I turned the volume way up on my computer speakers and it is way loud. You can set it up so it doesn’t get loud. All you have to do is turn the volume to the max volume you want your kid to listen to on the device itself and the control won’t let them make it any louder, but they can turn the volume down. So that’s good! You just have to set it.
You can adjust them with the 10 notches on the sides. They even fit me. I have them on the 2nd notches and they cover my ears, but I have tiny ears. My daughter(10)  really likes these, they fit her great. The plastic is durable and can take a lot of abuse. I was stretching them and twisting them and they went right back to the way they are below.

A lot of children’s headphones are poor quality and break easily. Kidz Gear set out to make a high-quality headphone meant for kids without the high price. Kids Gear headphones cost only $19.99. They succeeded! These are Great headphones that should last a long time and they sound amazing!!!

Grown up performance built for kids!


You Can check Kidz Gear out HERE

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