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Hi, Thank you for stopping by All About My Deals. I pride myself on being a  fun loving person and a hard worker. When I created this site I was a couponer, which I no longer do. Now I share product reviews and giveaways with my readers. 
I will tell you a little about my family and you can decide if your products would be right for our household.

About me and my hobbies: I am 37 years old. I am unable to work due to chronic pain. When I had to quit my job I was introduced to blogging. Blogging gives me a sense of contribution and fulfillment. I love being able to help others in any way that I can. I like to quilt and read actual books, not the e-books.  I like real-life doomsday type books as well as detective/suspense books.  I love doing things with my family. It doesn’t matter what, as long as we’re together. 

About Jeff and his hobbies: Jeff is  43 years old. He loves learning, fixing, and creating things. He is also our cook. You can usually find him playing with some kind of electronic device. His current obsession is fish aquariums. He has 5 fish tanks set up with almost 40 fish divided amongst them, not including the baby fish. Jeff is wanting to get involved with the blog and wants to start doing video reviews. 

About daughter and her hobbies: Trina is 14 years old. She is a freshman this year.  She is my miracle child, my one and only. She is really smart and loves to learn new things. She likes to help me review products and give me her opinions. She is my helper and biggest supporter. She is really into makeup, hair, and music.  She likes crafting with me and drawing. She is very creative! 

About our Pets: All of our pets are indoor pets. All of them are energetic and full of personality. We have a couple cats, dog, lots of fish, and a hedgehog. 

We have a senior kitty that is almost 13 and she is doing great! We recently brought in a new cat that someone needed to rehome. He was 8 months old, I forgot what it was like to have a young cat.

JakJak our dog is a big dog. He is 50+ pounds a mix of Australian Sheppard and collie. His name comes from the first letter of each of our names. (J eff, A my, K atrina)


We live in beautiful Southwest Wisconsin along the Mississippi and Wisconsin River. 

This is how I can help you:

Do you have a product you want the public to know about? Do you need help spreading the word about your products and company? I can help! I love to promote great companies and quality products.  I enjoy building working relationships with entrepreneurs and companies. I am easy to work with and keep you informed throughout the entire process. 



I can review your products and write an honest product review and post it to my social media sites. I can not charge you for product reviews, however, I do request that you send me free products to be reviewed. They must be valued at $50 or more (unless discussed otherwise) The products must be full size. Ship it to me as you would ship it to your customer.

Product Reviews are Great for advertising and very cheap for you, plus, you don’t have to do much. I will take care of everything.



I would love to host a giveaway of the item(s) I reviewed. This brings in a lot of potential customers to your social media sites. I recruit other bloggers to promote the giveaways,  to increase our reach.


Below you will find all the Events and Giveaways I will be looking for company sponsors for in 2017. 
If you are needing something reviewed right away and it doesn’t fit into one of the below categories, it’s ok I can do an individual giveaway. Send me an email: allaboutmydeals @
JULY/AUGUST – BACK TO SCHOOL (supplies, clothes, makeup, hair, etc.)
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER – FALL/HOLIDAYS (gifts, decorations, party supplies, clothes, etc.)

OCTOBER-DECEMBER-    2018 Christmas Gift Guide — OPEN

You can send me an email to allaboutmydeals @



I gave Amy a score of 10+. This is why I put the plus on. I have a” new to market” product and sent her and others samples to review. She was the only one to get back to me and let me know there was a problem. Apparently, some of the bowls had a broken seal which caused them to leak. I was able to pull all the product off the shelf, have them repaired and fix the problem with little effort because it was caught so soon in my distribution efforts. No one wants to tell you that the product you worked so hard on has a problem So I credit Amy (whom I have never met) with saving my business and reputation and allowing me to act swiftly to correct the problem. Thank You, Amy.. —- The Kool Dog
Not only did Amy go above and beyond my expectations for our review and giveaway, she also came up with a new use for our product, ShiZZles! We’ve received many new followers on our social media outlets and have greater exposure to our customer base thanks to her hard work. Amy’s way of writing is captivating. I look forward to working with her again in the future.  —-ShiZZles
It was really a pleasure to work with Amy Rodenberg on her blog, All About My Deals. She is very professional, well organized and offers an honest opinion on all reviews. She stayed in contact throughout the process, providing links to her posts and was prompt in delivering a winner for giveaways. I would definitely work with her again for future projects and will gladly recommend her to others! —Purely Visual
I was impressed with your writing and storytelling style in the article. I see a lot of blogging that merely ‘reports’ on a subject and really doesn’t have any spirit. Your article was very engaging and very well written. Good on ya! — David with Pet Kelp
Amy did much better job at promoting our website, then other bloggers that we worked with before. She is very reliable and honest. Giveaways may not bring much business to your store, but if you are looking to increase your social media presence, we highly recommend Amy.  — Little Fashions Boutique
Amy has been great to work with at All About My Deals. She is professional, detailed, and courteous. Moreover, she stays in communication throughout the process, which makes it easy to collaborate. It is obvious that she cares about the products and information that brings to her readers. — 26 Bars & a Band

Linked In- 1,190
Instagram- 385
Thank you so much for your support!!
Companies I’ve Worked With
UPDATED: 2/9/2018

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