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Pet Krewe personally inspects every pet outfit they carry and stock only the best costumes that they would give their own four-legged friends. Pet Krewe represent the best mix of fun, quality, and value.


Disclosure: I was given the following products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are mine alone and based fully on my personal experience with the products.

My Review of the Small Lion Mane

Dressing pets up in pet costumes is fun, especially around Halloween.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to try out the following lion manes on my dog and cat.

Let’s start with the cat or small dog lion mane. The small lion mane has velcro under the chin that keeps it snug to the cats head.  It gives it that perfect fit. My cat couldn’t get it off no matter how hard he tried. I was surprised how quick he took to it. After a couple minutes, he was fine with it and didn’t seem to mind it on. My little lion cub is adorable!


I would give this mane a 5/5. It’s easy to put on and it stays on. 

My Review of the Large Lion Mane

The big dog lion mane is harder to keep on. It has an elastic drawstring that tightens around the dogs head that is supposed to keep it in place, but that didn’t work for my dog. He wasn’t having it! He would drop his head and bring his paw up to his head to knock it off or shake his head. I don’t think he appreciated what I was trying to do. 😀 I pulled the drawstring pretty tight and didn’t feel comfortable doing it any tighter. We worked with him 10 times over 5 days and he just kept doing the same thing, I was hoping that if I worked with him a little every day he would grow more tolerant of it, nop. I think he started to think it was a game.

I got him to sit long enough for one picture, and this is what I caught. Too funny! It looks like our lion is roaring.

I like that the mane is so big and the fur is long. It makes it more realistic.  The fur doesn’t come off/shed. It’s easy to put on and take off. Really easy in my case.

You can find these lion manes and other pet costumes on Pet Krewe’s website. If you dress your dog or cat up I would love to see pictures of them on my Facebook Page

Where to Buy Pet Krewes Pet Costumes

Purchase on Amazon for $14.95

Pet Krewe Lion Mane for Dog -Lion Mane Dog Costume

Lion Mane Costume for Cats & Dogs

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  1. Your dogs look so cute, these costumes are great. I always dress my dogs and cats for every holiday, they love it!

  2. I want to win this for our dog. He goes to class with my wife and the students would love to see him dressed up for Halloween.

  3. These are adorable! I have two bulldogs and one is more willing to play along. I’d love to get her some cute outfits for the holidays.

  4. Pet Krewe ios an amzing company. I am looking forward to dressing up my mini dachshund! (Hot Dog, maybe?)

  5. Halloween is coming up, so this would be cute for my daughter’s cat to be a lion with the furry body and little ears. I remember dressing my childhood cat in doll clothes and a bonnet and wheelbarrowed him around the yard. A real outfit would be fun, too, and might go on easier. Pets do a lot for their families and tend to love being pampered.

  6. I really love the Lion Mane Costume! So cute 🙂 I kinda wonder though if my dog would behave the same way and try to remove it. It would be fun to take him for a walk while he’s wearing it!!

  7. They have some really cute costumes. We just got a new puppy yesterday and I would love to get her one!

  8. These costumes are adorable I so love the lionmane too cute perfect for pictures thanks for sharing.

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