Product Review AND Giveaway on a Pewter Zymbol Pendant necklace from Meridane Designs

Are you looking for a piece of Jewelry that can be very personal and meaningful to the person you are gifting too? I found the perfect piece for you! It is a Zymbol necklace from Meridane Designs. This would be great to give to your child that is back in school. A great necklace to remind your children they are loved. 

With this pendant, you can make it mean anything you want. I will explain later, I want to tell you how this great pendant came about first. The Zymbol pendant was created by the Short family. The creator and founder, Sally (the mother) was playing around one day and decided to write the phrase ” Love is all you need”. She didn’t just write it out, but she stacked the letters on top of each other and added a peace symbol on top. The end result is what you see in the picture above. Sally sent her design off to get cast, with the intent of it being a Love and peace pendant. When the finished product was sent back to Sally, her children Merida and Dane saw the letter K standing out. (can you see it in the picture above? Try tilting your head to the right, can you see it now?) So they kept looking to see what other letters they could see in the design. Can you believe it, they found EVERY letter in the alphabet, and not just letters, they found every number as well. Very Neat!!
I think it’s also clever how they named the business. It was named after the children, Merida and Dane ( Meridane Designs) 
Here is a great video of the family talking about the Zymbol pendant.

Knowing that every letter and number is on this pendant, you can make it mean anything you want. When you purchase the Zymbol necklace they send it in a nice box with a card. On the card, you can fill in who it is to and who it is from. On the card, you can trace out your message to the receiver.

I gifted mine to my daughter. (see the card above) She has been wearing it for a week straight now. The Zymbol pendant would make a great Family Heirloom. I gave it to my daughter and she could pass it to her daughter. (If she has a daughter WAY down the road). She can implant any meaning onto the pendant she wishes for her daughter. 
As Merida said in the video above, it doesn’t have to mean just one thing, you can change the meaning whenever you like. Let’s say one week you are really down, get your necklace out and think of a word or phrase that will cheer you up or a reminder, like “smile” or ” It could be worse”. It can be anything!! 
The pendant comes with a 24″ ball chain. The large pewter pendant measures 1-3/8″ by 5/8″.
Something else I love about this company is that they donate a necklace to a children’s hospital with every sale to give patients inspiration. It fits right along with Sally’s first impressions of the design she created, ” Love and peace”. 
You can check out the large pewter pendant and much more by Clicking HERE.
You can find Meridane Designs on facebook and twitter
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Begins on 9/9 and ends on 9/23 @ 1 am
Prize: Winner can choose one of the items below.
Large pewter pendant, Small pewter pendant, Wood pendant, Acrylic pendant (any color), Wrap & Tuck bracelet (any color) ( Value: $16-$37)
Note: Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email. I I don’t hear back within’ the first 48 hours, a new winner will be pulled.
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