Product Review: Around the Collar Leather Poop Bag Holder

I received the item below for free to complete a honest product review. All statements are 100% my own and based on my experience with the product. I was not compensated for this product review. 

I recently reviewed a leather dog collar from Around the Collar and loved the quality. The same goes for the leather poop bag holder I received. It’s another high-quality item that is made to last. Around the Collar has perfected this poop bag holder right down to the seams.

The bag has a rotating clip that you can clip onto your leash or belt loop. I happened to have a great leash that already has a place I can clip it too. If your current leash doesn’t have a place to hook the bag too, check out Around the Collars Leashes. This bag is made from genuine leather.
The poop bag holder has a slit right below the flap that makes for easy discrete bag removing. The flap has a magnetic snap. They have a huge list of colors to choose from. You can choose between 12 colors for the bag and 19 colors for the dog that is also made from leather and sewn to the flap.
You have enough room to stick a credit card, cash and a house key into the bag as well. So you can keep everything together and handy. You won’t have to carry around a purse or load your pockets anymore.
I have never picked up poop before with bags. My dog just goes in the yard and I go out and pick it up with a pooper scupper upper thinger. I wanted to go out around people and use my new leather poop bag holder to see if I would get any reactions. So my daughter, dog and I got in the car and went to town. We stopped at a park so we could run around and wear some energy off. I clipped the poop bag holder to my belt loop.  I didn’t think he would ever squat and poop so I could try my bag out in public… He finally did! People usually don’t pick up after their dogs around here so I got several different looks from people. Some people looked at me like, ” Eww, gross” and other looked at me kinda surprised like, ” Wow, someone actually picks up after their dog.” I went and threw the bag in the garbage and a couple came up to me and said, ” Thank You! Then I went on and showed them my new poop bag, holder. 🙂 They were very impressed and had never seen anything like it before. The part they liked the most was that it has a clip you can hook to your belt loop or leash. I like that it’s small, has a clip and it’s leather. I’ve tried to find a flaw in the design and bag itself, but I can’t come up with one.

Around the Collar makes great quality dog products!
You can head over and purchase your bag by clicking right HERE.
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