Product Review: Ascenta’s Canine & Feline Omega 3

I received the products below for free to complete an honest product review. All opinions stated below are my own. I was not compensated for this product review. 

I have been using the Canine Omega 3 from Ascenta on JakJak (my dog) for a month now. I followed the dosage instructions on the back of the bottle. It said to give a 55-pound dog 1 Teaspoon. I put it on his dry dog food and shook it up to distribute the oil. It coated his food quick and was super easy. Are you wondering why you would give Omega 3 to your pets? It is great for joint health, skin and coat health, renal function, growth and reproduction, heart health and endurance, and for immune system health. Ascenta’s Canine Omega 3 has a smoky meat flavour and comes in a 6.8 fluid ounce bottle. JakJak eats his food right up and we haven’t experienced any complications using it. I haven’t noticed any changes other than his skin. His skin isn’t as dry and his coat is shinier. It doesn’t turn his coat oily like I had thought it would. The other benefits of the Omega 3 benefit his inner health.

I have been giving my cats the Feline Omega 3 from Ascenta as well, for about a month as well. I have three cats under 22 pounds. I put 1/4 teaspoon on their dry food and shake it up as I did with my dog’s food. None of my cats refused it and ate it right away. I have noticed that my cats have had more energy while giving this to them. Their coats are soft and shiny as well. The Omega 3 has an ocean fish flavour. Ascenta’s Feline Omega 3 comes in a 4.7 fluid ounce bottle.
Note: Once opened keep in your fridge. You can click HERE to grab some Omega for yourself and/or your pets.
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