Product Review: Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover

I received the product mentioned below free of charge in exchange for an honest product review.

I have to say I love Fizzion’s concept with this product. Fizzion went even further when considering the environment when they created this product.

They made a tablet that is safe for pet’s, humans and the environment. This little tablet makes 23 ounces of concentrated cleaner that will clean and deodorise pet stains and odors. You can purchase the starter kit, which comes with a spray bottle and two tablets. You reuse the same bottle. No more throwing out bottles when you are done with them! If you already have a spray bottle, just purchase the refill tablets. The bottle is heavy duty and made to last. You can create either a spray or stream with the bottle. The squeeze handle even has finger grooves. It doesn’t leak either. I really like the bottle.

To make the pet stain and odor remover solution you put warm water into your bottle, stop about 1 inch above the label and drop the tablet in. The tablet will fizz. I had fun watching it fizz and dissolve. Yes,  I’m easily used. Once you drop the tablet in wait 30 seconds and begin cleaning. Very simple!! Fizzion will stay active for over a year once you dissolve the tablet.
It is recommended you remove any loose material from the surface. Absorb as much of the urine as possible before applying the solution, to prevent spreading. You can soak it up with a paper towel or towel. When you apply the solution start from the outside of the stain and work your way to the center. Blot with a clean colorfast towel. You can spray again and allow it to air dry. No more stain or stinky urine smell. This product is so simple to use.
I have an elderly cat that has a weak bladder. Every now and then she can’t hold it and goes on my carpet. Poor cat, she can’t help it. I was excited to try out Fizzion’s Pet Stain and Odor Remover. I followed the instructions and went to cleaning and deodorising a couple of the old stains my cat created. I allowed it to air dry and did a sniffing test. I couldn’t smell any urine. I have a really nice bathroom rug that I haven’t been able to use because my cat likes to urinate on them. I’ve washed this rug so many times and used other products that are known to take away that urine smell and my cat would keep going back to it. I had to put it up on the tub to dry after showers so she wouldn’t pee on it. I followed the directions above. I even did it twice for good measure, I really wanted my rug back!! My rug has been in the bathroom for over a week now and hasn’t needed a washing since. I love Fizzion!! I don’t have to put my rug up anymore after showers. This product really does work!
You can buy the bottle and two refills for only $7.99. If you already have a bottle you want to use, you can purchase two tablets for $6.99 or 18 tablets for $19.99.
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