Product Review for a leather dog collar from Around the Collar

If you are looking for a strong quality collar that is fashionable you need to check out Around the Collar Pet Accessories. My dog is two years old and has broken over 10 collars already. It’s getting pretty darn expensive replacing them. I was really excited when my collar came from Around the Collar. They make designer dog accessories that can be customized to your needs and wants. They have so many options to choose from. It was really hard deciding which one I wanted. The collars are made to last and look fashionable.

JakJak’s collar is black leather with nickel eyelets and stud clusters. Around the Collar offers over 20 different colors of leather. They have nine different colors of Genuine Swarovski Crystals and four different colors of suede you can choose from when creating the perfect collar for your pet.

They even know the perfect place for the D ringlet. If your dog is harnessed, leashed, small or big they will know where to place it for the best functionality and still keep the collar looking fantastic. The collar I received has two ringlets, one for ID tags and the other for a leash. I honestly can not think of one thing that can be improved. The collar is perfect just the way it is. Around the Collar gets an A++ from me.

Around the Collar, Pet Accessories makes cat and dog collars, leashes, leads, harnesses and carriers for small dogs. Be sure to check out the accessories tab as well. You will find some leather poop bags, wristlets and other bags. The leather poop bags are a brilliant idea. The picture of the bag I posted below you just clip to the leash or your belt buckle and it is very discrete.
Here are some pictures of some of the other collars they can make. Remember you can customize your collar(s). If you have any questions feel free to email them, they will help you out and give suggestions if you need it. They are really friendly and they know what they are doing. Your customized items will be shipped within’ 2-3 weeks.  Possibly sooner, depends on how many orders they are currently processing.
Now you understand why it was so hard to choose which collar I wanted.  In the end, I told them what I was needing and they made a recommendation and that is what I went with. I am very pleased with it and it looks Great. Thank you Around the Collar for making fabulous high-quality collars that look amazing.
I highly recommend these collars.
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