Product Review: Himalayan Dog Chews

I received the product below free of charge in exchange for an honest product review. All statements are 100% my own and based on my experience with the product. I was not compensated for this review. 

The chews are made from 100% yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. They are all natural. Himalayan Dog Chews are a very hard cheese that is known to last for a long time. People can even chew on these.
It was really interesting to read the making process on their website. If you would like to know, you can click here.

JakJak received a Himalayan chew to try out. They sent him a large, which is great for dogs that weigh between 40-80 pounds. He really enjoyed it and wouldn’t let the cats near it. It was his and he wasn’t going to share!

He mouthed and chewed on his Himalayan dog chew for two days and I couldn’t tell a difference. It looked to be the same size. On the third day, it was in two pieces. He had chewed and mouthed it so much in the middle that it broke into two pieces. One piece was rather small and being the first time dog owner that I am (paranoid) I put that one up so he couldn’t get to it. I didn’t know if he would choke on it or not. I supervise him with the larger piece. JakJak has been chewing on his dog chew for about a week now. He loves to throw it around and pounce on it. It is so cute!

Below you can find all the chews they offer:
Small Dog: 3.5 oz (3-5 pieces) 20 Ib’s or less
Medium Dog: 2.5 oz. for a 20-40 Ib. dog
Large dog: 3.5 oz for 40-80 Ib. dog
Mixed bag for Large Dogs: 11.5 oz
XLarge Dog: 6 oz for 80+ Ib. dog
Big dog: 7.5 oz for 80+ Ib. dog
Be sure to check out the other treats they make!

Himalayan Dog Chews can be found all over the world. To find a local pet shop near you Click HERE.
You can find Himalayan Dog Chew on facebook, twitter, and YouTube.
For a chance to win a Himalayan Dog Chew for your Dog and other pet products click HERE. Giveaway ends: 5/25/13

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