Product Review: Power Paws from Woodrow Wear

If you have wood floors or tile and have a dog that slips, I would check out these non slip grip socks from Woodrow Wear. The socks come in numerous sizes, colors, and designs. You can grab a set for your pooch no matter how small or large he/she is. Woodrow Wear has a size chart to make it easier to get the correct size. If you receive them and they don’t fit, just give them a call and you can figure out the right size together. You can find a bunch of sizing information and charts by clicking hereAll Woodrow Wear products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If used indoors, they also have a 3-month warranty for workmanship and defects in the product.
Power Paws are machine washable and made from all natural cotton and elastic for a nice snug fit. You can use power paws non slip grip socks indoors and outdoors. They would work perfect for your summer walks, your dog won’t have to walk on that hot pavement with bare paws and burn them. 

My experience: I sent pictures of my dog and measurements to Woodrow Wear via email, so we could figure out which size would be the best fit for my dog. I have an Australian Shepherd, Chow, Collie mix. He is around 55 pounds and a medium/large dog. They recommended I try the Greyhound power paws. I was able to get them on my dog (while he was busy chewing on my arm). It took me about 10 minutes to get all four of them on him, but I’m sure it will get much easier and quicker the more I do it. We had issues at first because he would step on the sock and it would start falling off. I contacted Woodrow Wear, thinking I might need a smaller size. They recommended that I try wrapping some nonslip bandage around his leg. That would grip the sock and prevent it from falling off. This trick did work but would be a pain doing every time we would put the socks on. 
If you can get the perfect fit for your dog, I think these socks would be great. They just didn’t work well for me and my dog. I would really recommend these socks for older dogs that have joint issues and have troubles walking on wood floors and tiles. I’ve watched a lot of youtube videos of other owners that use power paws and they do just fine with them. 
I love the product that Woodrow Wear came out with. The power paws can be used for so many things that can benefit your dog’s health and comfortability. 
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