Product Review: Thermoplastic dog toys from Otto Environmental

I received the products below for free to complete an honest product review. All statements are based on my experience with the products. I was not compensated for this product review. 
Otto Environmental has so much to offer. They have products for dogs, cats, fish, horses, birds and much more. They sent me some dog toys and wanted to know what my dog thought about them. Now, if you’ve been following All About My Deals, you know my dog loves toys and will play with anything. The real test is if the toy is durable. My dog (JakJak) is REALLY hard with his toys and likes to destroy them. I have a large 55-pound dog. He is an Australian Shepherd, Collie, Chow mix. He has tons of energy and very playful. 

Otto Environment sent me some toys that they felt would work for my dog. They sent some thermoplastic dog toys. I thought the toys would be plastic, but they are solid rubber. When I opened my package I was surprised at how big and heavy they are. I was happy they were solid, as solid toys seem to last longer in this house. JakJak loves to knaw and mouth his toys. I love that these toys can be easily cleaned. They make great outdoor toys. Especially the first one in the picture above. Otto Environmental named this toy The Zoy. It measures 4.5″W x 5″L x 2.5″H. It comes in red, green or blue.  I brought that toy over to my mom’s for her small beagle to see how it would uphold to his abuse. He has a blast with it by throwing it up in the air. He has been chewing on it for about two months now and hasn’t destroyed it yet. So these toys will last!! 
JakJak’s favorite toy is the middle one. Otto calls it The Zigg. The Zigg is 5″ long x 3 1/2″ wide. They come in red, green or blue. This toy is heavy, which is great for my large dog. I wouldn’t recommend throwing this one as it is heavy and doesn’t have much bounce. This is a great toy just for him to chew or mouth.    
The last toy in the picture above JakJak hasn’t really played with much, it makes for a cool tug of war game. This one is called Z2. It measures 6″L x 3 1/2″W.  Z2 comes in red, green or blue.

The Zyro

The Zyro is JakJak’s second favorite toy from Otto Environmental. It measures 4″ long x 3 1/2″ diameter and comes in red, green and blue as well. I designated this one for outdoors. He loves to throw this one around and chase it. 

The Zoy

I would recommend these toys for medium to large sized dogs. If your dog is hard on his/her toys I would recommend these thermoplastic dog toys from Otto Environmental. These toys are heavy duty and easy to clean.  

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