RADIUS SourceToothbrush Product Review

RADIUS makes some unique toothbrushes. I haven’t seen or heard of anything like what they offer. I received the Source toothbrush to review. You can get it in either recycled money, wood, paper or flax. It is BPA free. It has changeable heads, which is great because you don’t have to throw out the whole toothbrush when it needs to be replaced. RADIUS has gone all out and has reduced their carbon footprint as much as possible. They are thinking about the environment right down to the packaging. The Source Toothbrush has a bio-plastic handle and vegetable bristles which reduce petroleum use. This toothbrush is made for either a lefty or righty. You just turn the head of the toothbrush around to change the handle to fit your left or right hand. It’s easy to replace the head, you just tug the head off and push the new one in. The plastic on the changeable head is flexible. I love how wide the brush head is and how it tapers at the end. The width is guaranteed a more thorough cleaning. You can get it in either soft or medium bristle. Your toothbrush will come with a replacement head.

With the Source toothbrush, you will be reducing toothbrush waste by 93%. That is Amazing!! I’m trying to become greener and I never thought once about my toothbrush. It’s those small things, you don’t really think much about. But when you really think about it, millions and millions of toothbrushes are thrown out and sitting in landfills, that takes up a lot of space. RADIUS has made a winner with this toothbrush.
RADIUS has even made it affordable. Thank You Radius!! You can get them in single, three or six packs. The 3 and 6 pack comes in a variety of recycled handles. The more you order the better deal you get.
Single pack- $6.95
3-pack- $18.76 ( $6.25 ea)
6-pack- $33.36 ( $5.56 ea)
You can get a 2 pack of replacement heads for $5.49.
Now you can brush your teeth and feel even better about yourself because you are helping your planet by reducing waste. 🙂
You can Click HERE to get yours today. You can find RADIUS on Facebook.
You can enter the Wealth of Health- Goin’ Green giveaway found HERE for a chance to win one. Good Luck!

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