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This Detergent is Eco-Friendly. At Rockin’ Green they did their research and have come up with Four amazing lines of detergent – Hard Rock, Classic Rock, and Soft Rock.The fourth is Dog House Rock. No, it is not made out of rocks! These detergents have less PH than other detergents. It is gentle on your fabrics and great for sensitive skin. You don’t need as much laundry detergent either, one scoop is all you need (2-3 Tbsp). If you have an HE machine and/or soft water you will only need 1-2 tablespoons.  Rockin’ Green detergents can be used with HE machines, front, and top loaders.
Hard Rock= Hard Water
Classic Rock= Average Water
Soft Rock= Soft Water

I received The Hard Rocks laundry detergent in the Motley Clean scent. This formula is meant for those that have hard water. I’ve been using 2 1/2 tablespoons for a large cycle and the clothes come out clean and smelling fresh. I love the light scent of Motley Clean. My boyfriend has really sensitive skin. This detergent hasn’t caused him any problems at all. You can trust this detergent on your little one’s cloth diapers. They formulated it to be 100% phosphate free, no dyes, no fillers, SLS and Paraben Free. Rockin’ Green detergents are also Gluten Free. It contains no enzymes or optical brighteners and is naturally scented. All the ingredients are biodegradable.Some of the ingredients are sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonates, and bio-degradable surfactants. The detergent is naturally scented.

I also tried out the Doghouse Rock detergent. As you can guess this detergent is used for pet beds, toys, blankets, etc. This detergent is unscented. It cleans and deodorizes. It also works for all water types. Doghouse Rock is non-toxic so it’s safe for your pet. I’ve been using this detergent on my dog’s things the past few weeks. I can feel good about cleaning his toys and bedding. I know residue won’t be left behind. If you don’t know residue is a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria and can be toxic to your pets delicate system.

Rockin’ Green Melody Room Spray- Motley Clean scent.
This stuff is awesome! It is also eco-friendly like all the other products they make. This odor neutralizer and air freshener work well. It’s safe to use around kids and suitable for all fabrics. One of my older cats has been acting out and letting me know when her litter box needs clean. She will squat and pee right in front of me and look at me. Naughty Naughty Kitty!! Anyway, I soaked it up and sprayed the Melody Room Spray on it and it cured my problem. NO more stink. Yay!! 
I would recommend these All Natural laundry detergents and the room spray to anyone, especially those with sensitive skin. This product is great for clothe diapers also. I encourage you to give them a try. You won’t be disappointed! Head on over and order yours today by clicking HERE
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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this product reviews. All opinions are my own.

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