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Have you ever heard of the Sea Buckthorn Berry? If you haven’t you must read this review. The berry is a superfruit that grows high in the Himalayan mountains. The berry is packed with antioxidants and Omega fatty acids. The berry is also known as Sandthorn, Sandorn, and the Wonder Berry. They contain over 190 biologically active compounds and more than 60 antioxidants. Sea Buckthorn is very high in Vitamin C, higher than any other fruit.
I was thrilled when Sibu offered me three products of my choosing to do a product review on. I am currently concentrating on Health related products, so this fits perfectly. Continue reading to read my experience with each of the products I received and to learn more about this magical berry.
All of Sibu’s products are All Natural.
 Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement ( review coming soon)

This Revitalize and Renew Liquid Supplement is loaded with the essential fatty acids 3,6 and 9. It is also packed with Omega 7 fatty acids. Omega 7 is a critical fatty acid that the body produces, but with aging and not getting the right nutrition, the amount of Omega 7 production decreases. But no worries You can get your Omega 7 fatty acids with this liquid supplement. This is known to help improve skin tone and texture. It also supports hair and nail growth.It has an abundance of Omega fatty acids, powerful free radical scavenger, supports sustained energy levels, and may help prevent weight gain.
I will let you know my experience and thoughts on this product once I have taken it for a few weeks
Sibu Raw
I have been using Sibu Raw for three weeks now. I started out using 2 ounces like recommended but it suppressed my appetite so much I lowered it to 1 ounce daily. It still suppresses my appetite but it does so at a reasonable rate now. I have such a sensitive stomach and a very active liver (it seems), I have to do everything at a half dose no matter what I take. Sibu Raw is very potent as you can imagine, being it is RAW. If you can’t handle the strong taste I would recommend using a straw. It helps me. My 10-year-old daughter actually gave me the idea. lol…
About Sibu Raw- No additives, preservatives or water. This is 100% Raw Sea Buckthorn Puree. Some of the health benefits include Cardiovascular protection/health, resistance to sickness and disease, improved gastrointestinal function, better skin and mucous membrane health, reduced inflammation throughout the body and healthy sustained energy levels. You must keep this refrigerated. Available in the continental US only.
I give this product two thumbs up. I would recommend this product, but be careful it doesn’t suppress your appetite too much. You have to eat to keep your metabolism up and be sure to get all the other nutrients in you each day that is needed to remain healthy. I am having success with Sibu Raw. I have noticed a decrease of inflammation in my back. I had several back surgeries and my back always has inflammation now. The pain has decreased and I am doing more than I have in the past which would add to the inflammation. So this really does work.




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