Skin Free Blemish Relief Kit Product Review

I was thrilled for the opportunity to try out Skin Free’s  skincare products for the blemish-prone skin. My skin is sensitive and reacts to perfumed products. My face is really dry. Skin Free products are All Natural. The products are chemical-free, fragrance-free and colorant-free. They offer so many different All Natural products for your skin. They make products that benefit people with diabetes, psoriasis, sun damaged skin plus so much more. They have products for babies and elderly as well.

I was sent the Blemish Relief Kit. The kit includes
Niaouli  Scrub – Contains Macadamia Nut Oil which is known to be gentler on damaged skin with just the right amount of moisture to prevent oil rebound. The scrub clears pores, refreshes your skin, and helps heal existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. 
French Green Clay Mask – This is used to dry up problem areas overnight. It reduces inflammation and swelling.
Extra Moisturizing Soap – Used for daily cleanings. This can also be used as a shampoo.
Lite Moisture for daily use– Used to moisturize your skin. If your skin is feeling dry or tight after cleansing this moisturizer works great.

I have used the Blemish Relief Kit from Skin Free on a regular basis for the past month. Here is how I used the products and what I think of them.
Morning routine- I would use the scrub every other day and the other days I used the bar soap to cleanse my face and neck. I would then apply the Lite moisturizer.
The scrub is Very gritty and hurt my face to use. It definitely clears your pores and evens out your skin tone. My face is dry, to begin with so adding the moisturizer after cleaning every morning really helped and left my face feeling really soft.
Before bed, I would wash my face again using the Extra Moisturizing Soap. I would then apply the French Green Clay to my blemishes and leave it on overnight to reduce the inflammation and dry them up. 

I really love these All Natural Products from Skin Free Rx. They do exactly what they are meant to do. The scrub was rough on my skin but it benefits me and keeps my pores clear. The soap cleans and refreshes my skin and leaves it soft. The moisturiser works great does exactly what a moisturiser is meant to do. The Clay dried up my blemishes and reduces the swelling and inflammation. 

If you are looking for All Natural Products that REALLY work for your skin, check out Skin Free. They have so many products to choose from. Click HERE to check out the Skin Free website. They have lots of price markdowns right now.

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this product review. I did receive the above-mentioned products for free for review purposes. All opinions are my own and your experiences may differ from my own.

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