Smoobee Magic No Cry hairbrush Product Review

About Smoobee: The inventor, Elizabeth was on a mission to create a brush that wouldn’t make her daughter run away from her when it came time to do her hair. In 2012 the brush she created was ready to be marketed. That brush is called Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush. Elizabeth also donates a part of the proceeds to benefit children and woman in need. 

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 I received a Smoobee hairbrush for free in hopes I would mention them on my blog. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated or persuaded by anyone to write this review.

About Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush:

Smoobee makes the drama go away when it comes to brushing hair. Constructed of strong and durable wood, this ingenious brush effectively brushes through straight, wavy or curly hair without snagging or catching. And with a sheet of gorgeous gem stickers, kids can bedazzle their brushes for a pretty personalized piece.
  • 22 cm H x 6.5 cm L x 4 cm W
  • Stickers recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Comes in pink, purple, blue and turquoise
My Review:
The Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush is functional and fun. I love that they are colorful, and you can bedazzle them with Smoobee’s bedazzle gem stickers. My daughter had fun decorating her hairbrush. I think in the end the brush is going to be bedazzled free. Our stickers didn’t want to stay on. We learned that you shouldn’t put them on the handle because they will fall off right away. Putting them on the side of the brush like the picture at the top of this post, that doesn’t work out too well either. When you brush your hair the hair gets tangled in them and they fall off into your hair.   Putting them on the back of the brush works fine. 
The hairbrush itself is wonderful. It usually takes my daughter at least five minutes every morning brushing her hair. She forces the brush through her hair breaking her hair, causing split ends. When she uses this brush she is done within’ a minute. She can brush her hair quick and easy, with no complaints. Every morning I hear,” I LOVE this brush”. The brush works great and truly is a No Cry Brush. 
The Smoobee brush has a strong cushion pad. You can whack the bristle side of the brush against your head and it won’t hurt. The brush also has shorter and thinner black bristles. You can’t see them in my pictures, but they are there. This is an awesome quality hairbrush. My daughter has straight long hair that is really thick, the Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush works amazing. Wet or dry hair, it does its job. Two Thumbs Up!!!
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You can find Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush on facebook and twitter.

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