Solstice water bottle from Cool Gear Product Review

I am going to say right away that I love this Solstice water bottle from Cool Gear. Between my husband, daughter and myself this bottle is always being used. Do you see that thick part hanging down from the cap? You freeze that and screw it into the lid and it keeps your beverage cold for hours. This bottle holds 32 ounces. If you drink 2 of these full of water you will have gotten your 8 cups of water a day. The straw goes almost to the bottom of the bottle. It has a really nice non-slip hand grip on the side with finger grooves on the other side it has an indentation for your thumb.
The cap seals tight and easy on the Solstice water bottle. Once you close the mouthpiece it breaks the connection to the straw so no chance of leaking. The straw is thick and flexible. The straw comes out easy which is great for cleaning. The top curve on the cap you could hook a carabiner to and hook it to your backpack, bike, stroller, etc.
My daughter filled it with kool aide the other night and left it in her room. When I found it about a day and a half later my heart sank because I thought my new awesome water bottle was going to be stained and thought the mouthpiece and straw were going to be hard to get clean. I just ran them under the water and it washed away. I was surprised and so happy my bottle was like brand new again. So this bottle doesn’t stain easily. It is super easy to clean and keep sanitary.
This is what the description says on Cool Gears website:

  • Made with BPA Free Tritan material
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Non-toxic gel filled freezer stick keeps drinks cold 
  • Flip & flow cap with convenient carry loop
  • TPR over molding
  • Bottle & Cap are dishwasher safe (top shelf only)
Cool Gear has a large assortment of water bottles to choose from. They offer chillers, filtration bottles, toddler and young kids cups, travel mugs and even food containers. That is just to name a few. The prices are Very reasonable. I would actually pay more for the Solstice water bottle. The bottle is great quality and made to last. 
Click HERE to check out everything they have.
You can find them on facebook also.

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