Spider Decals from Decaleco Product Review

About Decaleco: The owners of Decaleco, Felice, and Ben live in Atlanta. They started making decals and putting them on their walls and in their rental apartment. They wanted something fun and creative, something other than paint; something that can be undone easily. When Felice and Ben’s friends saw what they were doing, they were motivated to market their decals so others can enjoy them as well. 
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 I received some decals for free in hopes I would mention them on my blog. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated or persuaded by anyone to write this review.

About the decals:
The decals are made from a very thin vinyl. Decaleco uses a cutting machine, and they finish it off by going in and doing the last bit of cutting by hand. You can read more about how they are made by clicking Here.

My Review:

I received six spider decals. I love decorating for Halloween, these spiders did the trick for this wall. I was able to curve the web around my pictures easily. They supplied an extra line of the web for the large and small spiders, which allowed me to extend the webs so that they are not all the same length. I love that they thought of that when making these. They also sent a couple small test decals that I could practice with. The test decals they sent me was a couple butterfly, which will most likely be going on my tablet or dresser mirror. I haven’t decided yet…

The wall I applied my decals to is textured, and it was pretty easy to apply the decals. I applied the webs first and then applied my spiders to the wall. A couple of my decals didn’t want to let go of the backing paper so I had to peel them off carefully so I wouldn’t rip a spider leg off. Once I applied the decal I pressed down on it with my fingers to make sure everything was sticking to the wall. Having put them on a textured wall I knew I would have air bubbles. I like the look, It gives the spider more dimension. I love it! I can tell they will be easy to remove and won’t take much effort. The decals are really nice and super cute.
Decaleco decals are affordable and fun. They have a huge selection to choose from and make seasonal decals as well. Head on over to their website and check them out. All orders in the US ship free and all Canada orders have a flat rate shipping charge of $5.00.
You can find Decaleco on facebook and twitter.


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