Sports Blender Bottle Product Review

I am in love with my Sports BlenderBottle. I no longer have to bring out the electric blender to mix up my smoothies. This works great for sports drinks also. You just stick in whatever you want, drop in the steel ball and shake. Simple! You can either pour it in a glass or drink it right from the bottle. I drink it from the bottle, no point dirtying a glass. I’ve used this bottle for pancake mix, scrambled eggs and shakes as well. It blends really easy and worked wonderfully. The blender ball was easy to clean, even with the pancake mix. In the picture below you can see why this bottle is unique and how awesome it is.


The PortLoop works perfect and you could even hook a caribeaner (spelling) to it and hook it to a pack, stroller, bike, etc. The StayOpen flip cap is easy to open and close and seals the bottle up nice and tight. You won’t have to worry about leaks or spills, which is great. You can measure your drinks in ounces and milliliters. OH, this would be perfect for baby formula. Measure the water and put in your formula and a bit of baby cereal and shake it up. The stainless steel ball will blend it nice and smooth and won’t leave any clumps that can clog up the bottle. You could make a few bottles at a time with this bottle. I wish I had one when my daughter was a baby.
The Sports BlenderBottle is BPA Free. The surgical grade stainless steel ball will never rust, peel or chip, completely safe. You can even stick it in your dishwasher for cleaning.

You can order the Sports BlenderBottle in either 20 or 28 ounces and can choose from 11 different color choices.
You can find lots of recipes for your Blender Bottle on their website. You can click HERE to check them out. Lots of wonderful ideas!!

You can find BlenderBottle on facebook, twitter and You Tube.


  1. Great looking sports water bottle, I love that they have a easy carry handle, I can add this on my backpack when I go out for long walks.

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