Sweaty Bands Product Review

I wear my sweaty bands almost daily. Not only are they great for keeping sweat out of your eyes while working out, they are functional at keeping your hair out of your face and fashionable. They are comfortable to wear and don’t slip out of place. The bands have an elastic band that goes under your hair and keeps the band in place. The Sweaty Band has a soft velvet underside that goes on your forehead or hair. It works great at soaking up a sweat and is really comfortable!

The bands come in different widths, so be sure you check out what width they come in when ordering. They offer a HUGE selection. You can choose from animal prints, bling, floral, funky and patterns and from so many other categories. Sweaty Bands can even do custom bands.

These bands can be used for so many things. You can get your name or your child’s name put on them. Maybe you walk for a charity with a group of people, you could get your team name put on sweaty bands and each wear one. You could order a band for each person in your bridal party. For a sports event or birthday party.
The toughest part is choosing which ones you want. They have SO many to choose from. You can check them all out by clicking HERE.
You can find Sweaty Bands on Facebook and Twitter. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page and Twitter and be sure to sign up for the newsletter for money saving opportunities and to be updated on New Arrivals.


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