Toe Juice Product Review

Toe Juice is a blend of plant-based extracts. A few of them being willow bark and lemon peel. The extracts are known for healing properties. Royce Garner, now a retired chemist developed this for his son’s dry cracking feet in 1970. He developed the perfect formula of all natural ingredients that delivers and is Very successful and known to cure and/or heal many skin irritations or ailments. All you need to do is apply it a couple times a day with a cotton swab or q-tip. 

Toe Juice dries on contact. Your skin absorbs the liquid super fast. No sticky or oily mess left behind. I’ve tried Toe Juice on my breakouts and it dried them up and they went away in a few days. So I can say this works great for acne. My daughter came home from a friends house the other week and was bitten by something, I’m guessing it was fleas. We put some Toe Juice on her bites and she said the itching stopped almost instantly. This magical Toe Juice is Amazing. It works for so many different ailments. It’s a must for everyone’s medicine cabinet. It is also All-Natural! 
Toe Juice can be used for so many skin conditions such as: 
Eczema, Psoriasis, acne, warts, ringworm and so many others. 
You can get a 4.6 ounce or 1-ounce bottle. I keep a 1-ounce bottle in my glove box, it would also fit in a purse nicely. Toe Juice is safe for all ages, even infants.
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